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Psylocke Beast

Family Tree

Posted by plutospawn on 2007.06.30 at 16:33
Admittedly, the only reason I did this was for my Sims game. My Coruscant game got too difficult to keep track of in terms of inbreeding and how the Sims would continue as a species, etc. That game had a good chunk of Dussion characters, but there were less Dussion characters than Sim characters so it was a good warm up. I think I'm going to toss together a Blais family tree too, if I can find a couple of models for the fathers.

100X100px pics so you can't notice my sucktastic Photoshop skillz!

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The End!

Posted by plutospawn on 2007.05.10 at 11:59
Snort. These are both old, written sometime last year and I've been grumbling over them, trying to edit and grumbling more. I don't think I like what the last one implies, but can't seem to fix it. Anyway:

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Posted by plutospawn on 2006.11.20 at 00:33
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So, I was interning at this innercity school. And at the end of the day you'd see parents and relatives picking up the kids. But there would be these blinged out gangsta type older brother/father/uncles that would come. And they'd still try their damnedest to look all badass while they held hands with a cute little kindergartner.

So yeah, sketch. (I'm doing my freaking homework, honest.)
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Am playing with the hair. Don't know why the soul patch keeps appearing, I don't think I like it, but it just keeps showing up.

Posted by plutospawn on 2006.11.08 at 00:31
I have to ration out the Bristol board until I'm finished with the Graphic Lit stuff or I get to the supply store. So a sketch, instead. I think it's funny that it's so obvious that I'm right handed based on smudge marks alone.

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more Dussion!

Posted by rose70 on 2006.11.02 at 13:01
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Posted by plutospawn on 2006.10.28 at 20:30
I'm sure there's supposed to be some long, thought out story behind this, but really, I just wanted to test out a new blender pencil.
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Quickie Sketch

Posted by plutospawn on 2006.10.21 at 01:45
So I've gotten complaints that Mekel gets cool sketches looking all manly and hot and stuff with his kid while Dustil ends up in pink (I freaking swear it was red) shirts with his. So I tried again. Don't think it worked. Almost a nice family portrait if one scowling brat had been missing.
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